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Highland Street Utility Project


For information on the Highland Street Utility Project please click Here

Click Here to view exciting drone footage coming from INSIDE the Doherty Memorial High School Jobsite! A huge thank you to Josh Wingell who used state-of-the-art drone technology to fly inside the school and capture the progress being made.

Rendering- LPA Doherty.jpg

Construction is Underway!
Check out recent drone footage below.



Recent Activities


Work at the B/C courtyard stage, ramp and walls continued. The curtain wall subcontractor continues to install various interior curtain wall, storefronts and aluminum frames. The installation of the exterior ceramic cladding began. The drywall/taping/paint at stair A2 and C2 continued. Ceiling installation continued throughout the building. Corridor wall tile continues at the main and second floor connector corridor. Wall tile was installed at stair D2 and C2. Terrazzo floor tile install began at the upper Media Center Café. Terrazzo tread install continued in stair B1 and began in stair C1. Epoxy flooring continued to work their way down through the academic wings, and the Kitchen epoxy floor was completed. Flooring installation of the corridors continued, completed C & D Building level 4. Casework continued in throughout the building. MEP Wall and Ceiling Finishes continued throughout the building. In the Auditorium, once the plywood at the perimeter walls was complete the misc metal subcontractor installed the fins. Then plywood was installed at the fins. The stage and low wall framing continued. In the Main Lobby, the stainless-steel railing install began. The remainder of the drywall and plywood was completed. The interior ceramic panel installation began.




  • Interior storefront and aluminum frame install to continue.

  • Ceiling grid to continue throughout the building.

  • Casework install to continue throughout the building.

  • Corridor wall tile will continue in the main floor connector and the ground floor. Terrazzo stair treads install at the academic stairs will continue. Terrazzo will start in the upper Media Center Café.

  • Epoxy flooring will continue at the locker rooms.

  • MEP Wall and Ceiling Finishes will continue throughout the building.

  • The kitchen equipment will start to arrive.

  • B/C Courtyard Stage and Wall will be completed.

  • Cafeteria Plaza pavers will be completed

  • The loading dock concrete will be prepped and placed.

  • Exterior and Interior Sintered Ceramic Panels install will continue

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